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Mixing Metals

The common question is often "Can I mix metals?" Yes, you absolutely can! Metal details play a significant role in the overall design delivering a thoughtful and layered look. They work to add character, visual interest and depth. While it is increasingly more common to mix metals in your space, here are few tips and tricks to help along the way.

Try to limit it to two finishes, anything more can start to look too busy in your space. Select a dominate and complimentary finish. Utilize these finishes in several ways aswell. Consider textures such as polished, matte, antiqued or hammered finishes. They help to layer in the details such as nail heads on a chair, coffee table accents or hardware. Sprinkle the finishes as opposed to cluttering them together as well. If working in an ensuite, I have contrasted chrome vanity hardware with brass faucets, while coordinating the shower fixture in chrome working to compliment the vanity hardware. It also allows your eyes to travel through the room taking in the different layers of details.

Consider your color tones and keep it simple. If your space lends itself towards warm tones, cooler accents such as silver tones, chrome, stainless steel or brushed nickel compliment well. Cooler spaces work well with brass, coppers and gold. It's important to note that not all companies define their finishes similarly, therefore it is essential to look at the actual finishes over the names.