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Which Are The Best Sofa Fabrics?

Which Fabrics To Look For and Which To Stay Away From.

A sofa is one the most significant furniture pieces in your home serving double duty for both function and design. It's likely the focal point and centre piece of your living room. You want to consider appearance, form and durability while also ensuring it offers the perfect feel to lounge into. Not all sofa fabrics are made the same and without asking the proper questions, you may find your new sofa looking more aged than you would like in a short period of time.

Consider the style you are looking for, is it more casual, modern or perhaps a more formal and luxe feel. The fabric you select will have a direct impact on the design style. Linen or cotton fabrics tend to provide a more loungy feel, whereas velvets could offer something more upbeat from eclectic to luxurious. Once you've decided the style you are look for, time to consider durability and stain resistance. There are always some pros and cons to each option, so which are the best sofa fabrics?

Cotton Fabrics
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Cottons & Linens:

Cotton is considered one of the most durable fabrics along with linen. Linen is also excellent at keeping its shape and offered in a range of smooth or more textured finishes. They are however not the best on stains should you have kids with messy fingers! They also tend to fade over time, so light colors are highly recommended.


Velvets are a beautiful option as they can be quite impactful in the overall design style of the sofa. The mix of in texture and hues could be a true design statement. One advantage is that velvets do not have any raised weaves or loose threads to be concerned of, therefore making it easy to clean with a dry wipe down. Ultimately velvets are best for spaces with limited wear and tear.

"We shape our homes and then our homes shape us." Winston Churchill


Chenille, similar to a velvet, however has a closed loop as opposed to an open nap. Sourcing a high quality chenille can prove to be quite durable and offer stain resistance as well. While velvet is considered more luxe, chenille lends itself to a more casual and traditional feel. Also a word of caution to anyone with cats as they tend to enjoy snagging onto the loops of the fabric.

Accent Chairs
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Leather is considered one of the most sophisticated, durable and stain resistant fabrics, which of course comes with the higher price tag. Available in variety of textures of course a wide range of colors, leather is another great option. Another bonus with leather is that it resists allergens as well if thats a concern in your household.


Polyester is another option to consider for it's texture, durability and of course affordability. We always advise to source a higher quality option with increased rub counts for increased durability. When it comes to stains, polyester is also easier to clean as liquids do not necessarily soak into the fabric such as cotton. The options are just endless understanding this is a synthetic option when compared to the other natural counterparts such as leather or linen.

To Sum It Up:

Of all the furniture pieces we own, we possibly place the highest demand on our sofas. We need them to last the test of daily life and remain stylish as well. Do your research and understand what you are buying. There are pros and cons to all fabrics so ensure to find the one which best suits your needs and design style. Ask questions and understand what you are purchasing.

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