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Interior Design Tips For Your Home

Whether you are moving into your first apartment or settling into your new home as a growing family, here are some tips to guide you on creating a space you are comfortable and excited to call home. While you may feel the pressure to have everything sorted out right away, take your time to learn how you function in the your new layout.

Family Room Design
Sara Leah Interiors

First step, plan it out. Think about the furniture scale to the proportions of the room. How much "real estate" is this new sofa going to require? Will the dining table allow for a steady flow of passage around the room? How can you maximize function and design? The most costly mistakes are often a result of poor planning. Select furniture in proportion to the space and balance the visual weight. One important design tip for your home would be to give your furniture space to breathe and avoid lining everything up against one wall. We can't say it enough, proportion and scale are key.

Introducing some cherished collectibles is a creative way to add character and infuse personality into your new home. However, choose those pieces which are the most impactful or meaningful. A collection of too many items confuses and looses the appeal. Less really is more. Carry this philosophy into all aspects of the home, from organized interior cabinets to mess free countertops and no loose wiring. It truly makes an impact in executing a more minimal approach when working with accessories. If you are not sure where to start, consider creating a focal point. Selecting those special pieces also aid to truly define your design style and create a sense of harmony in the home.

Lighting Shop
Sara Leah Interiors

As you begin to see your space curated with your selected pieces, our next tip, never underestimate the importance of both natural and artificial lighting. Lighting plays a crucial role in home design impacting the mood and drama of the space. It draws your eye in to the brightest point and plays on your focal point. Lighting sets the tone and impressions of the space from ambient, task and accent lighting each contributing to a layered lighting technique. Good lighting even has physiological effects in stabilizing circadian rhythm.

One of the most essential interior design tips for your home would be take care of your home. Often we never consider this one. We set it but over time, we loose the appreciation for what we have done. Mondays turn to Fridays and its often hard to keep the home looking as beautiful as we would want. Keep it simple, Your home is meant to be comfortable. Create a space you can manage and maintain. After all, you want home to stay beautiful over time. Enjoy!


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