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Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

A beautiful, fresh and practical bathroom design can be one of the most rewarding renovation experiences in your home. It offers a true sense of renewal to the space. If done efficiently, it could also provide a considerable return on your investment. (Who doesn't love that!)

On Trend Designer Washroom
Sara Leah Interiors Washroom Renovation

Whether you are renovating or building a new construction, it is essential to plan every detail. Ensure your construction serves purpose and function. We cannot underestimate the importance of pre-planning your space from elevation drawings to perspectives and digital design details. Consider how you will line your tiles or perphaps incorporate millwork and cabinetry in your design, and of course how all the materials work together. These steps will help account for numerous details which can truly impact your finished space.

Consider smart technology in your design as well, especially if working on an ensuite. These aspects can truly increase your investment return, as smart technology is rapidly integrating into home design.

Whether you are working with a luxurious ensuite space or a small powder room, avoid the trends. Make this timeless and classic. You will not regret this approach! Use your electic trendy side for those pieces you could affordably change out.

Bathroom designs is one of our favourite projects, the possibilities are endless and the finish is just so rich yet classic, bold yet neutral, trendy yet timeless! Learn from our expertise on how to find those timeless pieces giving you the WOW factor which lasts!


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