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Creating Architectural Interest To Your Home

Do you find yourself drawn to architectural features from arched hallways, charming windows or stone wall features? If you appreciate these details, consider the architectural elements of your home and how you could utilize them to your design advantage. Could you showcase millwork, high ceilings or stained windows? You could also create new architectural features with a statement piece. When debating a statement feature, consider the impact, focal point and purpose. The use of textures, stone and colors can add sophistication, warmth and definition to the design. If you have high ceilings, tall windows or mouldings, consider using these as a focal point. Research the colors, textures and styles that draw you in and use these to accentuate your space. The options are truly endless.

Interior Trims

Crown moulding, baseboards and trim work are all significantly impactful in creating architectural interest. Applying a more intricate design to your ceiling through the application of crown moulding or even a waffle ceiling is a savvy strategy in adding height and texture. Cornices have also been long admired as an architectural detail generating interest and elegance. Its the added touch allowing the room to look complete and well thought out.

Baseboards also play a similar role covering where the wall meets the ground. With the various options available today, one can add up to ten inch baseboards creating a sense of grandeur and increased dimension. Not to be forgotten, another interior architectural feature is trim work such a decorative edging, window trims or wainscoting.