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Refresh Your Space

It's going to be beautiful spring weather here in Toronto next week. We can feel it already, nature is changing outdoors, what about indoors? Here are some ideas to refresh your space for the spring.

Refresh Your Throw Pillows

Refresh your throw pillows. A simple change out can make an impactful difference in either color, tones or textures. Perhaps incorporate some florals for a touch of spring. Aim for a lighter and fresher feel with the season.

Fresh Paint

Give your space a fresh coat of paint. Consider a lighter neutral color to brighten the space. Some favourites are a soft cool barely there Horizon or Silver Satin for something on the warmer side, still light and fresh. Both from Benjamin Moore Paint. I find a fresh coat of paint can transform a room in so many way. Lighter tones also excude a sense of calm and peace.


Perhaps reupholster an accent chair or those dining chairs. Custom upholstery is a lot more affordable than many may imagine. It also allows you to truly customize the piece to your personal taste with endless fabric options. Feel free to contact us for some beautiful options.

Fireplace Mantle