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Which Are The Best Sofa Fabrics?

Which Fabrics To Look For and Which To Stay Away From.

A sofa is one the most significant furniture pieces in your home serving double duty for both function and design. It's likely the focal point and centre piece of your living room. You want to consider appearance, form and durability while also ensuring it offers the perfect feel to lounge into. Not all sofa fabrics are made the same and without asking the proper questions, you may find your new sofa looking more aged than you would like in a short period of time.

Consider the style you are looking for, is it more casual, modern or perhaps a more formal and luxe feel. The fabric you select will have a direct impact on the design style. Linen or cotton fabrics tend to provide a more loungy feel, whereas velvets could offer something more upbeat from eclectic to luxurious. Once you've decided the style you are look for, time to consider durability and stain resistance. There are always some pros and cons to each option.

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